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This site is operated by Legal Profession Corporation Cast to provide useful information to you who have any troubles with international divorce and international inheritance, such as USA, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Philippine.
Although there are many sites by lawyers handling divorce and inheritance cases on the internet, it is very difficult to have correct information because there are few lawyers handling international divorce and international inheritance cases.
Further the sites for international divorce and international inheritance by administrative scriveners only handle the procedure and do not describe how to deal with the disputes and troubles.  This is because the scope of business of administrative scriveners is restricted to the “Procedure” and they cannot handle the “Disputes and Troubles.” Resolving “Disputes and Troubles.” belong to the scope of business of lawyers. 


Legal Profession Corporation Cast is an international law firm where there are many lawyers fluent in English or Chinese and handles a lot of cross-border cases.

Moreover, Cast Group has a tax accountant office and has its expertise in international tax. Accordingly we can cope with inheritance tax return works for international inheritance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any troubles with international divorce or international inheritance. 

* The first thirty minutes' consultation with attorneys about international divorce/inheritance is free and the following thirty-minute costs you 10,000yen(w/o tax). In case of consultations on telephone, the first one hourcost you 10,000 yen(w/o tax) and the following thirty-minute consultation costs you 10,000yen (w/o tax). 


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