International divorce: Services and fees 

CAST will present the optimum resolutions for your case, following the procedure shown below. 

(1) International divorce consultations

CAST offers legal consultation only with an appointment scheduled by phone
* The first thirty minutes' consultation with attorneys about international divorce is free and the following thirty-minute costs you 10,000yen(w/o tax). In case of consultations on telephone, the first one hour cost you 10,000 yen(w/o tax) and the following thirty-minute consultation costs you 10,000yen (w/o tax).

(2) Representation services

Representation services are available for uncontested divorces, divorce mediations, and judicial contests. 

Ideal for・Anyone seeking legal representation for CAST’s uncontested divorce, divorce mediation, or judicial contest.

Service details

1) Proxy services use an attorney to process an uncontested divorce, divorce mediation, or judicial contests. The attorney serves as a liaison, freeing you of the stress of having to discuss the divorce with the other party. Your representing attorney will take charge of all communication and negotiation in your stead. 

2) We will make sure that we have a thorough understanding of your situation first and then organize the facts to represent your position and complaints so that we can get the court on your side. We take a firm stand to advocate for your interests while seeking a resolution that will avoid the unnecessary emotional strain of a prolonged court battle.


The fee schedule below is for reference purposes only. Individual case fees may vary. 

Retainer Contingent fee
Uncontested divorce 280,000 yen 280,000 yen*
Divorce mediation (judgment) 300,000 yen 300,000 yen*
Judicial contests (reconciliation) 400,000 yen 400,000 yen*
1. In cases where the dissolution of marriage will result in the distribution of assets, a 10–30% contingent fee upcharge shall be added in all three cases above. 
2. An additional 8% consumption tax will be added to the base fees.


Consultation offered for international divorce or inheritance

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